Plumbing in Thames


The Thames township is the Gateway to the Coromandel Peninsula and also services the very large dairying Industry for much of the Hauraki plains. While Thames itself is a fairly small town, it needs to provide expert services across all the trades to the Coromandel Peninsula and the Hauraki Plains, and the plumbing industry is no exception.

Don’t forget to take the torch out before you close up the lid

The Coromandel Peninsula has a number of small towns dotted around its perimeter, and while most of these towns have a few tradespeople the majority of the tradespersons required foremost work on houses and commercial premises will need to come from Tim’s or even further afield. An important requirement for every plumber and Thames is to have at least one good reliable vehicle. Travel time costs a lot for a plumber in Thames because they need to drive a long way.

The best way to locate suitable Thames plumbers is simply to use the Google search engine, but homeowners that live up the Coromandel Peninsula almost all understand that they need to book their plumber well in advance, simply because the plumbers in Thames are so busy. Homeowners in the small settlements around the Coromandel Peninsula in many cases do not have either a reticulated water supply or a reticulated sewerage and drainage system, and so their household Plumbing will be using water collected from the roof, and will be using a septic tank system. This poses a unique set of challenges for the homeowner and for plumbers, as roof water needs to be clean and safe to drink and the septic tank system needs to work reliably for a long time and not overflow. The plumber dealing with these systems need to understand the complex issues regarding making certain that roof water is clean, for example when they want to fix an electric water heater.

There is a healthy construction sector in Thames that is building a lot of new homes both in the township and around the peninsula, and there is a lot of work for plumbers in this construction work. There is also quite a lot of industry in Thames, including the fishing industry, a forestry industry, the agricultural servicing industry and a number of other industries, and these also require a strong base of expert tradespeople including plumbers. In the end the main role of the plumber is to make absolutely certain that the water supply into the house and the waste disposal is achieved absolutely safely men reliably, and requires the minimum amount of maintenance over decades. This means that plumbers need to operate to very high standards, and this is indeed the case because almost all the work that plumbers do needs to be approved by a plumbing inspector.

Re Roofing An Old House


Older houses are very common in New Zealand, and often have the original roof, particularly if it is tiled. Earthenware tiles were very popular for roofing Tauranga for many decades, because they look good and can be made fully weatherproof.

However over the decades earthenware tiles can accumulate a lot of lichen, and unless this is periodically removed the lichen can penetrate the earthenware tiles and weaken it, leading to tile breakages and cracking during storms or when someone climbs on the roof.

At some point repairing an earthenware tile roof just becomes too difficult, and the reluctant homeowner will decide to simply replace the roof. The initial problem the homeowner will find is simply getting hold of a good roofing company, due to the fact that there is a nationwide shortage of good trades people of all varieties due to the building boom over the last decade or so. There are a number of cowboy operators in the market, and the homeowner should make certain that they have sufficient good references to have confidence in their chosen roofing company.

The first job of the roofing company is to remove the tiles, which can be a dangerous job if the roof is at all steep. The tiles will need to be throwing into a large skip, and so the work is tough, dangerous and skillful. Once the old roof has been fully removed then any repairs needed to the roofing frame will need to be carried out. This work will have to be performed in fine weather only and hence roofing companies can only really safely operate when there is a string of fine days. A skilled roofing company will do any repairs to the roof frame very quickly, and then lay out and attach the new roofing paper. Most new roofs for older houses use long run colour Steel, and this is pretty straightforward for the roofer to install and looks very effective when complete, and there are things you need to know before you replace your roof.

The real skill for the roofing company is being able to work safely and quickly at height, and particularly being able to form the roofing and cutting and fitting the steel to fit around roof structures like a chimney or riser pipe. Modern colour steel is very easily attached to the underlying roofing frame and battens by using an impact driver and batten screws. Batten screws will self tap through the roof and into the wood, and provide a very strong attachment and seal for the roofing iron.

Once the roof has been fully attached and the ridge caps have been laid over and attached, then the roofer or a builder will need to install the new guttering and downpipes. For a good roofing company the entire build of the new roof can take place over one or two days.

Trade Labour Shortages in New Zealand


New Zealand is going through a population boom, and as of today is gaining 1 new citizen every 6 minutes. This is putting substantial pressure on the basic infrastructure in New Zealand’s largest cities and surrounding towns.

One severe example of this pressure is in the area of Housing, where there is simply not enough qualified tradespersons to build the houses that are required for the current and future population. There are shortages of tradespersons right across the industry, including builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers and drainlayers, in spite of an aggressive immigration policy to bring in these tradespeople from overseas.

The main problem is that not enough competent young New Zealanders are electing to take up apprenticeships in the trades, and the shortfall is having to be met by overseas tradespeople. The irony for Young New Zealanders is that an apprenticeship can lead to a very satisfying and lucrative business career, and that tradespeople in their 30s are generally a lot better off financially than their peers who have gone off to university to get degrees.

While it is the building industry that gets the most attention for staff shortages, the same problem is in the supporting trades, and anybody wanting a new roof for example is likely to have to wait many months just to get a quote. Because of the shortages householders are often prepared to pay more just to get the work done earlier, and this has a number of down side effects. Tradesmen are more likely to take the more lucrative work, and many have been known to walk off a job halfway through in order to finish a more lucrative job. Home owners have seen contract work extended out far beyond the contract of time, simply because their builder or tradesperson and spending only half the time on their project.

A further downside of the shortage and tradespeople is the number of cowboy operators who are filling the gaps. These operators are generally unskilled and their practices are unethical, and homeowners have to take a calculated risk when they employ them. However if the work is urgent then in many cases the home owners have no alternative.